This course will look at the way in which Christian ministers (priests, pastors, etc) are depicted in a number of different films from various backgrounds and countries. It will ask what elements of ministry the films focus on, and what, if anything, they can teach us about Christian ministry. We will also ask what is lacking and what would be necessary to complement the films.

The seminar will be focussed on the following text: Athanasius: De Incarnatione. We will work with the bilingual edition (Greek-English), ed. And trans. By Robert W. Thompson, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1971. The early Christian controversy concerning the divinity of Christ, incarnation, salvation, and deification, will be interpreted through the prism of 21st century ecumenical and interreligious debate.

This course will offer an introduction to the discipline of missiology. It will start with a brief overview of the history of the discipline, and will then look at major themes in the history and theology of mission. The course will start with the biblical material, seeing the Bible not simply as having something to say about mission as well as other things, but as emerging from the demands of mission. We will look at some key themes of contemporary missiology, such as the importance and difficulty of context, the idea of missio Dei, the theological foundations of mission. We will also have an overview of the historical development of mission. We will finish by looking at some key questions, especially the role of other religions and Christian attitudes towards them, and the possibility of doing Christian mission today.